How to maintain your roof?

The maintenance of your roof is essential to preserve its qualities and thus protect the structure of your home in the long term. This operation requires inspecting all the elements of your roof and applying the necessary cleaning solutions. Note that this type of intervention at height requires knowledge of site safety that only the experience of a competent and reliable Toronto Roofing Contractor professional is likely to bring you.

Roof slope: different standards depending on geographical area

The degree of roof slope of a traditional house meets specific criteria. These are based on geographic regions defined by the climatic conditions and the materials used. The objective is to perpetuate your roof by avoiding that the slope is a direct cause to the acceleration of its degradation and its alteration.

Taken into account when calculating the slope of your roof

On a traditional house plan, roof slope standards are defined according to three criteria, the housing situation, its geographical area and the material that constitutes it. All of these parameters vary depending on the exposure of your home.

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Geographical areas

Mainly the three geographic zones are counted according to the concomitance of wind and rain, this conjunction provoking watertightness failures between the roofing elements of the roof. These three large zones are not enough to determine more precisely the local conditions of exposure of the territories. The habitat situation is subdivided as follows. A protected case that corresponds to locations that are not exposed to prevailing winds. Normal condition, it characterises the areas of plateau or plain having a small unevenness. An exposed situation, it coincides with coastal regions, at the peaks of certain hills and cliffs, in areas near significant currents and rivers and in areas where the wind rushes regularly.

How can storms and snow affect your roof?

The roofing experts are well aware that it is necessary to check their roof after each storm to avoid considerable costs and long-term problems. In any season, the structural integrity of your roof can be threatened by thunderstorms, windstorms, hailstorms and snowstorms. The slightest damage to your roof may result in seepage that will cause water damage and wood decay in the underlying wood frame. Believe it or not, strong winds can carry shingle granules and expose your roof to water damage. The wind can even rip shingles, and you will have no trouble imagining the damage that an opening of this size can inflict on your roof.

Conclusion: Good to know

To access all of these technical documents that will allow you to calculate your appropriate roof slope, contact the proper municipal services. You can consult the technical sheet or the Unified Technical Document. However, to establish your project safely and be sure not to commit odd, consider using a reliable and competent architect is likely to advise you before the realisation of your project.Do not let the wind take away your wealth. It is for this reason that it is essential to repair the damage as soon as possible to prevent costs from multiplying.