What you should pay attention to during survival training: it can give you real experience

The reactions among your friends and acquaintances will be mixed when you talked about survival training. Those who have experienced this at the Bund or as Boy Scouts have usually thought it was not bad at all, another part paid homage to your greatest respect for this daring step. Mindfulness comes first as it puts you in the right places away from hunting grounds and possible wildlife towards springs and sheltered sleeping places. If you have found a suitable place you take care of your own protection.

Water is important for drinking and cooking. With appropriate maps and compass sources can be located and brought with containers to the place. Finally, it provides warmth on cold nights and is useful for food preparation. Wild animals also (hopefully) distribute it if there are any. Hunting and feeding is the last link in the survival chain, as humans can survive for several weeks without food because before the human starves, it could be thirsty or frozen.


Survival Rules you should know

First of all, it does not have to be a hunger camp. The food was mostly organized by the guides.You can bring snacks with you. You can register for a survival camp if you are between 3 and 100 years old, you have a normal, physical fitness, you are curious and open to extraordinary experiences, you can stand it one night without taking a shower, you do not mind if your clothes smell like smoke the next day you can also live without electricity and without internet, you can stand it psychologically, sleeping in the dark forest at night without panic, you want to overcome your fear and you just want to switch off from everyday life again.

You overcome your fears and become more confident

One night in the dark forest who would not be queasy in the stomach? Such a survival training challenges you in everyday life will never meet presumably. It’s a mind-opener because here you learn what’s inside of you much of what you imagine is not that bad. Cold, dark, noises especially in northern parts of the world survival with a little training and good planning is no problem for beginners. Incidentally, one should not be squeamish neither froze nor disinfectant fetishist. In general you will discover a lot of earth, pine needles and sometimes an animal under the tarp.

Conclusion: You learn new hard skills that give you security

You are so dependent on the smartphone that could not navigate it any other way before. But what if the power is gone? These are real hard skills that can help you out there in the wild and above all give you one thing that is safety. Because who knows what to do to experience brave Outdoor adventure and enjoy them. This knowledge gives you the confidence that makes the experience a wonderful experience. Those who are exposed to and overcome extreme situations can grow through them. Especially in training in a protected environment this is easily possible which you personally appreciate very much.